I call bullshizzle

March 7, 2008

I gotta assume that campaign <finger quotes>Advisors</finger quotes> who make statements like “Clinton is a monster” or “Obama was a loadie” are actually called upon from the top to do it. These so-called advisors have to be premeditated sacrificial lambs in a scenario that has all the contrived drama of a mediocre reality TV show (yes, redundant, I realize).

Every step is intentional and orchestrated. It has to be. They do it ALL the time:
1) The insult is made
2) Said insult is “leaked”
3) The media makes a bigger deal than needed
4) Hypersensitive overreaction by the opposing campaign
5) The consequent firing of said <finger quotes>Advisor</finger quotes>
6) A press release or stump speech, “Senator Soandso has called for change but he/she is really interested in name-calling, and if I beat my chest harder the voters might just hear the pounding sound I make, blahbittyblabbityblah.”

Save it.

I prefer my lamb like this


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