Open Letter Day

March 19, 2008

Dear FNG,

I sit in the office next to yours. When you call me to ask a question, I can hear your actual voice louder than the one through the phone. You could just ask me over the wall or pop your head in. I have good hygiene, so body odor should not be the issue. On my part, anyway.

I do realize you are an odd looking chap, all the more reason not to wear a Bill Cosby loud-ass sweater. They said “business casual” not “business ridiculous.”

Welcome aboard!

BR / That Chick At the Office Who Is Very Nice Until You Start Asking Too Many Stupid Questions

If I googled your name, this is what I would find –
except you’d be funnier looking


One Response to “Open Letter Day”

  1. Meghan Says:

    I bet he brings the Bill Cosby sweater back, then YOU will look like the fool for not embracing his fashion-forward style.

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