Not in My Backyard

April 1, 2008

How do you justify this one? It’s totally okay to put up a Ten Commandments display (the King James version, DUH) in a government owned park, but any other religion’s message can just step the fuck off. This, according to Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice. This is the same guy that lent his private jet to Justice Scalia. I wonder how Tony’s going to come down on this one?

Sekulow just doesn’t want “a government park be turned into a cluttered junkyard of monuments contributed by all comers.” Christians? You’re good. The rest of the religions? Man, you’re all garbage. Fred Sanford can just go sell all non-Christian monuments out the back end of his junk-truck hooptie, dig?

Sekulow’s least favorite litigants.


4 Responses to “Not in My Backyard”

  1. ithinkimdying Says:

    Did I ever tell you that the dean of my law school was Scalia’s personal clerk? And that he is OH SO PROUD OF THIS??


    Scalia and Sekulow both… I shake my fist at them!!

  2. benevolentsnark Says:

    To the dean I would say, in shocked disbelief, “is that something you put on your resume???”

  3. ithinkimdying Says:

    I was just reading a case and Scalia’s dissent made me think of this post. He was opposed to VMI letting women in: “Today the Court shuts down an institution that has served the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia with pride and distinction for over a century and a half. To achieve that desired result, it rejects (contrary to our established practice) the factual findings of two courts below, sweeps aside the precedents of this Court, and ignores the history of our people. As to facts: It explicitly rejects the finding that there exist ‘gender-based developmental differences…'”

    He is so melodramatic! Not to mention he seems to think that… der… me melon kain’t think so well cuz I’z gots me a vagina. Good lord I hate that man.

  4. StephG Says:

    After Bush leaves office, Scalia will return to the #1 spot on my list of “Shitheads who are ruining this country.”

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