Support your local awarts

May 9, 2008

When I say local, I mean local. The ‘Sha has a very cool little artsy gallery scene with occasional Art Crawls and the Friday Night Live events starting in June.

Oh, it’s no big, fancy Milwaukee Gallery Night with Dick Bacon exhibits, Beasties and Bronze Fonz haters. But it’s fun and refreshingly unpretentious. Those unfamiliar with the ‘Sha would be surprised to see the number of galleries right downtown within in a few tiny blocks.

I already spent some of our economic stimulus package on a painting by this chick and this dude.

Conscious Park? Aw hell, that’s just Frame Park, son.

No one said it would be easy to get there, but once you do, it’s worth the trip and the free boxed wine. But why the white zinfandel, why? WHY? At least, afterwards, you get to treat yourself to the best Gelato this side of the subcontinental divide.

What would a Sha post be without a shout out to The Steaming Cup?
here citzens of Waukesha stalk each other.


3 Responses to “Support your local awarts”

  1. Meghan Says:

    I had my stalking glasses on this past weekend and. . .nothing. You are so sneaky! The Steaming Cup is my Cheers.

  2. ithinkimdying Says:

    I LOVE that painting!

  3. RphChick Says:

    Love this blog! The world needs more snark these days.

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