What is up Satan’s ass?

June 26, 2008

I realize that airplane travel is really special, cool and makes you super, duper important. But you simply haven’t lived true travel luxury until you’ve sat next to a Xenophobe who tells you that, “The good lord made it so women should stay home with the children. We men just aren’t good at all that baby stuff. Honestly, it’s a compliment to your sex.” Well thanks a rootin tootin bunch, Tex. I should have gotten into my time machine instead of this airplane. u r wize and jenerus.

Of the 50 or so passengers I could have randomly sat next to, what were the odds I’d get the grand wizard of the KKK next to me? God *must* be trying to punish me for having the ‘fucking balls’ (and you know this) to spend four days away from my child to do the devil’s work.

“Satan I damn thee! You goddamm motherfuckin, shit-eatin, cock-suckin, son of a B!” Can I get a fuckin A?” Reverend Winton Dupree


2 Responses to “What is up Satan’s ass?”

  1. CaptainNeeda Says:

    that drawing is making me snort

  2. RphChick Says:


    He was probably from my home town. *shudders*

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