Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) knows snark

September 18, 2008

“[Palin] doesn’t have any foreign policy credentials,” Hagel said in an interview published Thursday by the Omaha World-Herald. “You get a passport for the first time in your life last year? I mean, I don’t know what you can say. You can’t say anything.”

I’ve had a passport for quite a few years now, and have even left the western hemisphere a few times, so I have tons of foreign policy experience. SWEET. Better update my resume…

Even baby Dexter has a passport. Hawaii, though? Not close enough to Russia. You can’t be VP, Li’l Dex, sorry.


3 Responses to “Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) knows snark”

  1. C Says:

    It looks like little Dex is frighted.

  2. Project Openletter Says:

    Poor little Dex. He can’t see another country from his state. Underprivledged, clearly.

    (And I agree with C. That Dex has quite the deer in headlights look)

  3. Meghan Says:

    He’s thinking, “WTF is a passport? I’m a BABY!”

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