Adam Smith, we hardly knew ye

September 29, 2008

My stocks and 401K investments are sucking wind, and my personal asset equation has taken a fat dip closer to the red. So I feel for the average middle class American who has worked hard to save… and tried to be smart about their financial future.

But I am still lolzing over “conservative” support of this bailout while in the next breath they still extol the “free market.” Because, oh, really? Now it’s okay for the government to infuse massive cha-ching into the private sector… but well, only right now; because they just really REALLY need it. Just this once.

So how the hell will that wacky market learn to correct itself if the government is getting their apron strings out for the companies who blew it? And will stockholders ever feel the urgency to hold executives accountable for their actions? Whatever happened to the invisible hand? I thought good businesses succeeded and bad businesses failed? I guess that laissez-faire gobbledygook we learned about in school was only applicable to good markets. Leave it to the French…

Privatizing social security? That’s one big STFU. I never want to ever hear that shit again. EVER. SRSLY.

EDIT: Holy shit those Harvard braniacs are so much more eloquent than me. He may not be snarktacular, but talk about getting the free market argument right? Booyah.


One Response to “Adam Smith, we hardly knew ye”

  1. Project Openletter Says:

    I said the exact same thing about privatizing SS to my husband the other day. Fuck that. Worst.idea.ever.

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