I don’t like to make toys

December 5, 2008

Online Gift Guides are about as helpful as a teething toddler.

Apparently every Dad in America is a cufflinks-wearing executive who golfs, drinks only the finest booze, sails and plays chess. Nothing wrong with booze and chess, but get real. Ward Cleaver is kind of a tired construct on the cusp of 2009.

And Mom? Is she always a bird watching, loud scarf-wearing lunatic who never has enough gloves, loose tea, “unique” jewelry, yoga pants or “clever” coffee mugs?

I’m not saying I have any better gift ideas, hence my consultation with online gift guides in the first place. BUT, puhleeazze, STFU about iThis and iThat – like the world hasn’t already considered an iPod related gift before they stumbled upon your website’s crappy gift guide?

Bah to the Humbug.

Now, refraining from snark for a moment, THIS is a pretty kick ass Christmas gift that keeps on giving.


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