Going Yule Goat

December 30, 2008

Giving a nativity set to a child whose parents are unambiguously agnostic is decidedly stupid. If you had a Jewish friend, would you give them a manger scene complete with that one black wise man? (because everyone knows that the middle east was loaded with Caucasians during classical antiquity) Would you expect your Islamic friend to give your child a Junior Quran Challenge Game?

I suppose my spiritual belief system is less legit because it doesn’t have any fancy marketing behind it, but do I have to be in with the warring ideologies in Gaza to get a little respect around here?

Guaranteed not to give little girls a body image complex.

Polytheistic fingers are happy fingers.

Time to put away our yule log and send the yule goat back to the farm – the days are getting longer again! Happy New Year!


One Response to “Going Yule Goat”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I fucking love you.

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