Class SchmASS

January 8, 2009

Politico reports:

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) believes Caroline Kennedy is getting softer press treatment in her pursuit of the New York Senate seat than Palin did as the GOP vice presidential nominee because of Kennedy’s social class.

Listen, Sarah Barracuda, YOU made your candidacy about social class. You propagated the idea that you were right there in line with Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber. You can’t have it both ways. You had a choice whether to take the high road or pander to the LCD with your “real America” bullshit and your culture war rhetoric.  Now live with it and shuttie.

Caroline may very well get ‘kid gloves’ treatment, but it probably has more to do with her being the daughter of JFK and style icon Jackie O. I realize newspapers may have been hard to come by in Wasilla, but just so you know, people are still a little ga-ga over Camelot. May not be fair, but comparing yourself to CK is pretty apples-to-oranges, no?

For someone who hates the media so much, you are officially an attention whore. Take a vacation from the interviews and publicity for two stinkin  minutes, regroup and get some perspective. We need your post-election whining now about as much as we need daily Kim Kardashian ass shots.

In closing, our federal government has lots of real problems to tackle now.  See you in three years!

Girl can’t help it.


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