Freeway of Love

January 21, 2009

Are the hubs and I the only sickos who noticed that Aretha really hit that first syllable of ‘country’ hard and paused on it in her song? “My count…….. try tis of thee….”

Girl, you may be the Queen of Soul, but since when do you need to work blue? I know you’re a natural woman and all, but let’s keep it clean for all the nice people.

Just don’t listen to the haters, I LOVED your big-ass, pompous crown – it was all you, honey.

Sock it to me!


3 Responses to “Freeway of Love”

  1. ithinkimdying Says:

    I thought she sounded awful! Was that just me? And yes, I noticed her rather *ahem* interesting emphasis on that first syllable.

  2. Glad to know it was that obvious, I didn’t want to go around thinking I’m alone in thinking her interpretation was a little obscene. No doubt that her voice has had better days, bless her crazay-hatted heart.

  3. Project Openletter Says:

    I hope that hat ends up in the Smithsonian. Awesome.

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