Gender Fail

January 30, 2009

The sports media has nothing better to do this week, I guess, so they interviewed Rogers and he admitted he hadn’t been in contact with Favre. In said interview, Michael Irvin, the epitome of cokehead grace and all around douchebaggery manners, attempted to spin the story up.

I expect the “he never called me” whine from a 13 year old tweener, but for the media to turn this into some kind of drama makes Rogers look like a bigger pussy than Snagglepuss himself (whom I admit I love quite dearly). This is a whole new glimpse into the male world for me… I never knew that hard-ass jocks could be such freakin pansies.

Photoshop is the devil.


One Response to “Gender Fail”

  1. Project Openletter Says:

    That fucking SI cover gave me a panic attack until I read the caption. Don’t do that shit to me!

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