Not in My Backyard II

February 25, 2009

It’s about time they got back to work.

And nice to see the Supreme Court continues to be inconsistent in their logic while keeping their message to the American people loud and clear: some religions are just better than others. How very American of them! I don’t think Thomas Jefferson would be cool with this, I really don’t. Hey! Let’s get a hold of him. We really need to know what his intentions were when he wrote the first amendment. I will call this approach “framer’s intent,” and trick a lot of people into thinking he wanted the government to have a Christian preference.

In his opinion, Sam ‘I Am’ Alito wrote, “If governments must maintain viewpoint neutrality in selecting donated monuments, they must prepare for cluttered parks or face pressure to remove long-standing and cherished monuments.”

Well, that’s it. Hey, psst… governments: you don’t have to be neutral anymore. I’m pretty sure I’m well overdue for 792 Our Fathers, 674 Hail Marys, and one really long-ass Apostle’s Creed for good measure. And let the bureaucrats enforce this stuff, because if anything, they’re good at enforcing stuff. Anyone outside the cool kids ‘cherished’ religion club clearly just needs some good governmental tough love.

Inconvenience? Clutter? Potato, potAHto.


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