Meghan McCain is prettier, like, duh.

March 17, 2009

Laura Ingraham ripped Meghan McCain’s physical appearance? Puhleeze, anyone with eyes can see who’s more luscious.

Glass houses, Laura, remember those glass houses.

According to the wikis, Ms Ingraham has recently adopted a daughter from Guatemala. Let’s hope she doesn’t instill the same hateful body image shit into that innocent child that she is attempting to throw at Ms. McCain.  The only thing that would make this juicier would be if Anne Coulter were involved. NeoCon CATFIGHT!


5 Responses to “Meghan McCain is prettier, like, duh.”

  1. Sarah V Says:

    Actually, Coulter was involved. Meghan McCain wrote about how both Coulter and Ingraham are divisive and extremist within the GOP. Coulter, surprisingly, let the whole thing drop – apparently acknowledging that McCain has a point. But Ingraham decided to address the whole thing by calling McCain chubby.

    We all know the best way to defend your point of view is to call the other person fat. That’s why they call me “S&W”.

  2. yeah, I knew that sweetie-pie Anne was on the margins of this debacle, but you’d expect her to be the one to do the name-calling. And way to get a sknotty reference in – nice 🙂

  3. llabesab Says:

    McCain, Meghan, inherited her father’s traits; one of them being “LOSER.”

    Her father’s campaign would have been run much better if James Carville was in charge.

    McCain lost his marbles in a Viet Cong prison and never got them back. Don’t believe this??

    Are you “friendly” with a Psychiatrist/Psychologist?

    Ask them a “general question along the lines of:

    What would be the mental stability of a person who had been placed in solitary confinement for 5 years; beaten and tortured every day; deprived of sleep; food; medical attention; intercourse with other humans; left alone in a dark, dank, stark cell and constantly made aware that he would never survive.

    McCain was a brave man. His name should rank along those of Nathan Hale; Patrick Henry; Audie Murphy–the most decorated soldier in US History; Sgt. York, and George Washington. But he came out of that prison a broken man. Anyone who doesn’t believe that must believe in the innate honesty of the Obama Administration.

    Megan is the perfect example that environmental traits can also be passed on just like genetic traits.

    But Laura Ingraham did get it wrong!! Megan is only “FAT” if you look above the neckline. And, what’s between the ears is deep, dense, hard and un-malleable. In effect, the perfect “RINO.”

  4. Project Openletter Says:

    L! You got yourself a whackjob. Congrats Snarky!

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