Jane Addiction

July 6, 2009

Or how I spent my maternity leave…


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that post partum bitches have Austenite hormones ragin’ crazy all up in their lady business.

Top 10 list of Jane Austen film/tv thingies

1. A&E’s Pride & Prejudice – nuff said. Wont be kicked off the top spot EVAH.
2. Sense & Sensibility from 95 – Emma Thompson & Hugh Grant? shizzle
3. Clash of the Emmas – Easy, Gwyneth wins. Kate Beckinsale is less likeable. Not as unlikable as  Keira Knightly though, so I wouldn’t totally pass on her Emma.
4. Mansfield Park from 99 – Sure, the film takes major cinematic liberties against the orginial story, but it was pretty-pretty and that’s what really matters. And the newer one is way too abridged.
5. Lost in Austen – A ‘fish out of water’ story for the anglophile. Capital, quite quite.
6. Clueless – Cher/Emma? they both have four letter names and were both hymenally challenged, duh.
7. Sense And Sensibility from last year on the BBC – it was time for an updated version and they did it right well – and the dvd has the Miss Austen Regrets bonus programme
8. Persuasion from last year on the BBC – Anne puts up with more than enough daft twats and tossers to finally get her man
9. Jane Austen Book Club – Clever enough, although the Emily Blunt character’s cougar affair story is  supposed to align with Mansfield Park? some of these are kind of a stretch
10. Becoming Jane – surprisingly I don’t totally hate Anne Hathaway in it, despite the fact that she can’t do a British accent for shit.

And I guess we’ll have to see where the new Emma comes in  ??


4 Responses to “Jane Addiction”

  1. Corrine Says:

    We need to do an A&E P&P date night. That movie can never be watched too many times.

  2. As they say in England, TRU DAT!

  3. Miss67 Says:

    Contract should be grouped with retract, intractable, traction, and other words that share its root. ,

  4. JXL23 Says:

    Our governments ignore us, worse, the make the problem even more insurmountable every passing day. ,

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