West coast pop lock

September 17, 2009

The Wild Goose is a flippin sweet ride. If you go to the OC, do this cruise. Even better, get on a corporate charter and enjoy free booze and shrimp. Tell Captain Lars I sent you. He might even let you sit in the Duke’s chair.


“Out here, due process is a bullet!”

And if you ever need a Marilyn Monroe for your movie of the week or a fantastical hospitality suite, Susie is the best. Complete with dippy-sexy voice, rocket one-liners and shiny red lip goo. LOVE HER.

But on to the negatives… Football starting at 10am? WTF? I suppose when you’re the second largest city in the country and you still cannot support an NFL team, you deserve to choke on your own Sunday morning smog.

And fun stuff to be white-knuckling at shotgun doing 75 down a crowded LA freeway while your hubs whistles the CHiPs theme song. There were no Ponch or John to reassure me that we would be safe in the carpool lane. Not cool, Bro.

Watch out, you might get charged with driving without his phone number and being too beautiful.

Nice place, wouldn’t want to live there.


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