I’m Lovin’ It

September 29, 2009

Setting: Electricity is out because Weinergies can’t keep trees off their lines = we can’t get in the house (lesson learned about the lock on that fancy new door). Wet, tired and temporarily homeless, Mommy and Daddy take their precious small children to McDonald’s to kill time and eat a cheap, parental guilt-inducing dinner.

Shorty, age 2.5: :::whines loudly demanding new Hot Wheels Happy Meal car:::

Mommy & Daddy: “Hey, settle down” + “inside voice”

Shorty: (Serious face, pointing finger so as to reprimand Daddy) “THIS is McDonald’s. THIS is NOT a restaurant.”

Mommy & Daddy: :::peals of laughter:::

No Shorty, this is not the clown on Sunset.


One Response to “I’m Lovin’ It”

  1. Corrine Says:

    Teach the children well. : ) Too funny.

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