Cel-e-brate ethnic pride, Come on!

October 27, 2009

Fun with indoctrination, part deux.  Made in China. ™

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate their heritage this holiday season by giving their toddler a play set they can “relate” to? The hubs has his peeps covered:

But for me, catastrophic famine and bloody rebellion aren’t exactly the stuff of Fisher Price, so I guess I’d prefer co-opting another cool culture than to be compartmentalized into Lucky Charms, Uncle O’Grimacey and stiff-armed dancing.

I am truly, madly meshuga over this set for my little Bubeleh. I question the need for  three whole AA batteries for one tiny little musical menorah, and the challah and latkes are chokables, but if it’s properly fixed down to the table, we’re golden like gelt.

Of course, something more neutral would be ideal… Not that I want my kids turning the holiday season into a grudge match, but wouldn’t a kiddie Festivus set be sweet? Family gathered ’round the pole, miniature grandpa holding up a list of grievances aired, two little people wrestling to pin the head of household down in a most glorious feat of strength? A play set scene like that would be a Festivus miracle.


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