Dope Cope

November 2, 2009

I can only deal with losing 2x to the BrettQueens by reminding myself that…

1) After 15+ years of hearing ‘Queens fans claim Favre is overrated, now they’re creaming their jeans over him. Morons**

2) Ted Thompson and his pet donkey are one step closer to the door. How many more post-game conferences do we have to hear McCarthy say, “We’re going to work on that this week” ??? Doi!
Two words: Free agency

3) The incessant snot rocketing made it obvious that any green-n-gold class he had left in his body has now dissipated and been taken over by purple loogie “pride.” Speaking of pride, it is a “bi-” week for them isn’t it? Watch out Percy Harvin, rrrraowr!

I’m thinking the punchline here is “fucking goofy,” but for now the joke is on us.

**Not you dear, of course. I know you never said something that Viketarded.


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